Ways to Look Slimmer in Your Outfit

While there’s no article of clothing or fashion strategy that will literally take weight off your body, the clothes you wear and how you wear them can make you look 10 pounds lighter in seconds. Slimming Style Tips Wear a V-neck It lengthens your neck and shows off your collarbone. Keep it monochrome The easiest slim […]

Essential Beauty Tips to Test Out When Traveling

  Traveling itself can be quite stressful. Unexpected situations are just lining up, and not all of them have a note of positive surprise. Nevertheless, good things are the ones we remember the longest, and they form our vacation memories. It is funny though, while we are on a holiday, our body works overtime to […]

christmas party style guide

Christmas Party Style Guide

Christmas is already knocking at the door and Christmas party invitations are coming from every side. The first decision you will have to make is which party to attend, whether the one organized by a family member, boss, friend or colleague. After that, you’ll get the necessary instructions about the dress code, and you’ll be […]

Here’s the Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs

Girls gotta have fun right? There’s a lot of buzz around first dates or any kind of date for that matter. With all the excitement comes a bit of apprehension. Date rape cases have skyrocketed in these past years. What’s more unsettling is the fact that a sizeable amount of usurps were familiar with their […]

How to Create the Double winged Effect

Although this unique flick may look complicated, the technique has been simplified into seven easy steps. Keep reading to see how to pull off this popular liner trend. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Eye shadow primer Eye shadows in: light pink, yellow, purple, bright pink, black, white White cream color crayon Black liquid liner Mascara False Lashes […]

Multiple Duty Beauty Products We Love And How to Use Them

There’s nothing we love as much as beauty products that can do more than its intended purpose, well maybe there are a couple of things. Multi – functional beauty items save cost especially if you’re on a budget like me and a large percentage of the populace. Such that you can handpick specific products to […]

How to Choose a Perfect Tailored Suit

Did you know that 80% of women are allegedly wearing the wrong bra size their whole lives? It’s like there’s a whole science around picking the right bra size that we’ll never learn. This, in slightly lower numbers can be applied to suits as well, but that’s mainly because they are not as frequent as […]

Tricks to Layering Outfits Like A Pro

As is most things in this world, fashion is art and so is layering. Why is layering such a big deal? Maybe because it allows us to put our creativity to use in what we wear. It allows for the more daring to show off their eccentric side (Denrele comes to mind here).  Layered looks […]